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BLITZ: Stepbrother, Mine

Book & Author Details:

Stepbrother, Mine by Opal Carew 
(Mine, Stepbrother) 
Published by: St. Martin’s Griffin
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

The second Mason laid eyes on her, his breath caught. Dana had been stunning even at

sixteen, but now . . . Good God, she just oozed alluring-yet-innocent sexuality.

“Ex-stepbrother. Which doesn’t really count.”

He had lived in the same house with her when his father had been married to her mother, 

but only briefly, so it didn’t really count as a familial relationship, but that didn’t change 

the fact that he had no intention of taking her to bed.

His intent was to shake her up, and ensure that she didn’t try a stunt like this again. 

Because whether they were actually related or not, he had an intensely strong protective 

instinct where she was concerned. He always had.

He stepped toward her and she stepped back, then started to walk away. He grasped her 

arm and pulled her toward him, determined to push her to the limit.

“We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Don’t I deserve a kiss?”

Mason pulled Dana against him and into his arms. He had intended it to be just a quick 

brush of lips, wanting to shake her a little, but the feel of her softness against him threw 

him off-balance.

She sucked in a soft breath just before his lips captured hers, then the sweetness of her 

mouth became a temptation he couldn’t resist.

His tongue swept between her lips and she whimpered softly. A vibrating need pulsed 

through him, his groin tightening with a desire he would not allow.

He drew back, blanking his expression as he stared down at her wide eyes.

As soon as he released her, she skittered across the carpet to the couch, putting it between 

the two of them.

“You can’t really mean it. You don’t really intend to . . . ” She frowned, her cheeks a 

vivid red.

He walked to the big armchair and sat down, then gestured for her to sit on the couch 

facing him. Warily, she walked around the couch and sat down.

“So tell me, Dana. Why are you selling your body?”

“I’m not selling my body. I’m . . . ” Dana wrapped her arms around herself, hugging 


Mason raised an eyebrow. “Really? What do you call it?”

“Okay, yeah. That’s exactly what I’m doing. But just this one time.”

“This first time.”

“Look, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a business arrangement,” Dana said. “People have sex 

all the time.” She shrugged. “It’s like a blind date, that’s all. With someone who’s been 

recommended by a friend.”

Mason raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Well, yeah, in that I know the guy will be safe. The service is really careful.”

He thought she was being more than a little naïve.

“You still haven’t told me why you’re doing it.”

“I need the money for school. It’s enough to pay for my tuition until I graduate. It’s really 

important to me and this is the only way I can afford it.”
Part 1:
Dana’s always had a clear vision of what she wanted out of life. But when her father dies during her final year of college, Dana’s whole world threatens to topple down. In desperate need of money, she comes up with an idea. It’s scandalous. It’s HOT. And it’s got everybody talking. . .Is Dana really going to auction off her own virginity? And at what cost?

Part 2:
Meet Mason. He is used to getting what he wants. The head of his own corporate empire, he has wealth, means, and no shortage of beautiful women ready to fulfill his every need. But despite having it all, Mason is bored. Until he comes face-to-face with a woman from his past–one who will do anything to get what she wants. But is her desire for Mason worth the risk?
Part 3:
Unable to let Dana slip away again, Mason bids on the one thing he’s always wanted–even if it is completely forbidden. He’s fantasized about having Dana to himself for years, touching her smooth skin, tasting her sweet lips. But Dana is off-limits…or is she? All it takes is just one kiss to find out…



Hi. I'm Opal Carew, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. I write erotic romance for St. Martin's Press and Samhain Publishing, and I self-publish stories. I also write romance as Amber Carew.
So why do I like writing erotic romance? I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries. I like dealing with a female character who is growing and evolving - questioning her sexual boundaries and pushing past them. My stories usually include menage a trois. It is great fun to write a heroine choosing between two equally appealing heroes... or more.
These aren't women who just jump into bed with anyone. They find themselves in an unusual situation - something exciting and erotic - but a situation where they have to push themselves beyond their comfort level. As a result, they grow as a person. So often fear holds us back - of what others will think of us, of what we will think about ourselves - and we don't follow our hearts. These women push past that fear.

To learn more about me and my books:

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