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From a very young age I have had the best relationship with books. I don't remember a time that I didn't have a book in my possession before I graduated high school, and even throughout college I continued although not as much as I wanted. I would escape from reality into the world that the author had created for me because it was much more thrilling than my own life.

I remember in elementary school during March we had March Reading Madness and I read the most books out of every single first grader so I was able to go to McDonald's for lunch one day along with a second and third grade reader. I still have a picture of the three of us with our Furbee's that we had received in our Happy Meal's that day.

I also remember in elementary school we would receive points for reading books, however I do not recall the exact point system. Another photo from one graduation ceremony shows me and my two friends holding all of our certificates. One certificate shows how many points we received during the year. My two friends were in the 30s and I had 139. Translation: I've been a book nerd for a very long time

I was once chosen for Student Spotlight by my sixth grade teacher Mr. Gogola. When you are selected the teacher has to write a one page summary on why they had selected that student.  I only remember a portion of why he selected me and it was that he thought I had probably read every single book the school library had to offer me, and that he had to constantly tell me to stop reading while I was in class. This made the entire cafeteria laugh.

Fast forward to 2015, I have just graduated college and while I'm searching for my future career I have a full time retail position at Bed Bath and Beyond. This alone does not give me much joy as I'm mostly alone when I'm not at work because my boyfriend works the complete opposite of me. I wanted to find something that I could do that I loved doing when I had the free time. Finally I decided to start a book blog and share my love of books with others.

I'm a hopeless romantic who falls in love with almost every love story that I have ever read. I get sucked right into these pieces of art and it's hard to communicate with me while I'm reading. My sister says that I am a monster when I'm reading, but really she is the monster. Can't she see that I have a book in my hand and my eyes are looking at the page! :)

Anyways, I am hoping that by giving myself something to do in the evenings when I'm all alone will be rewarding as I make connections with other readers and authors.

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Now I'm going back to reading...

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