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Every review that is posted on Paper Crushes will be 100% honest. These reviews will be written by myself for the time being; if Paper Crushes takes off and I don't have time to fulfill every request I will look for another hopeless romantic who spends most of their time in a book as well (which I am hoping will be the case). All reviews will be posted on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. The link to this blog will be shared on Paper Crushes Facebook page ( 

Each of Paper Crushes reviews will include the book cover, synopsis of the book which is usually taken from Amazon, the 100% honest review with Paper Crushes star rating, as well as the purchase links from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. 

What I Enjoy Reading & Reviewing:
Young Adult

I am currently accepting ARCs/paperback/hardback/finished copies or review copies. I am also open to author interviews, giveaways, tours, blitz's, and cover reveals. I enjoy many author's hard work into creating a story that I can fall in love with, so just let me know how I can help you! 

I have not posted any author reviews yet, but I am looking to do so. Again, just e-mail me a request and I will get an interview going just for you. Something everyone can send me for the interview includes: a short bio, a picture of you and your published works, and a synopsis of any of your books.

Cover Reveals
For a cover reveal, simply, e-mail me your book cover and what day it should be revealed. Also, please include any information you want in the reveal blog including release date, blurb about the book, a little about yourself, and anything else you wish to include.  
Book Blog Tour
I currently am hosting book blog tours for FREE, so please consider this as a great way to get your work to a bigger audience. I will need from you: dates you want the tour to run through,  high quality versions of your covers and other promotional images, events you wish to hold, what you are willing to giveaway, how frequently you are available and the best way to contact you. In return you will receive: a honest review of your work from Paper Crushes, free publicity, and free promotion of you and your works. If I can help you with anything else don't hesitate to ask! 

Any further questions don't hesitate to email or shoot us a message at

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